Friday, January 04, 2013

Amazing Write-Up from Wall Street Select

GambleID Poised to Expand Realtime Online Gaming Services in 2013

“For 2013, GambleID’s preparation throughout the past year places them in a prime position to offer widely distributed operations and solutions products to the gaming market. As GambleID says, ‘We have the industry experience, the staff, and the products. Our services have become a must-have for any company serious about building a revenue model out of online casino gaming.’

The company is also opening their new offices located in Las Vegas, NV due for completion in March, and a New Jersey location is also in the works.

Additionally, GambleID will finalize obtaining their Class 2 Service Provider License with the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB). A license will equip the company with the regulatory service provisos as outlined by the Nevada gambling jurisdictions, and will increase the company’s credibility and degree of commitment to the industry as viewed by gaming control boards….”


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