How We Work

GambleID makes it a breeze to register and validate your identity for use at some of the best online casino sites.

At GambleID, we're here to help you establish a bond of trust between you and your chosen online casino. By securely providing a minimal amount of personal information, individuals can certifiably prove their age, location, and proof of identity — all of which are needed within the new U.S. gaming rules. We use your provided data, and automatically validate it for you, to properly authenticate you as a newly registered, reputable customer at a range of online casino sites.

In this digital age, we are all too aware of such worries as identity theft, personal information loss, or information misuse; and our GambleID service has the ability, the technology, and the skill to ensure that you are properly protected from these risk elements. We regularly double- and triple-check your data against a variety of sources to fully and meticulously confirm that the online individual on the other side of that computer screen is really you. And nobody else but you.

And GambleID can quickly & accurately authenticate your identity within seconds. Allowing you greater peace of mind, and more free time to kick back at your casino of choice: Without security issues. Without privacy concerns.

Your online registered customer account, and that bond of trust — both with your casino, and with GambleID — is now firmly established.

Accurately verify your online identity.
Safely ensure your online customer reputation. 

Go all-in with GambleID.